About Us

Pacifica Enterprises (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2016 with an intention of distributing the Daasam Ayurvedic products & making those available to as many people as possible. When we were aware of the Daasam products, we used them for curing our different problems we faced. Upon finding relieved from all the problems & illnesses, we suggested these products for our relatives & friends facing the same problems. Even their feedback was so positive that we were confident that these products can cure the illnesses different people face. So, believing the product we wanted to make sure that they reach out to as many people as possible across the country & even beyond. We started distributing Daasam Ayurvedic products through our Pacifica Enterprises since 2016 & we were able to make sure that these products are available & reaches to those in need.

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Client Testimonials

Showcase what your happy clients say about your services.

  • Prathap

    I was getting tired of using lots of pain killers but my knee pains are not in control after i changed to Dassam Easy move pain relief oil my knees are supposed to me to work my self. Strongly recommended Dassam Easy Move Pain relief oil.

  • Johnny

    When i am eating fast food or junk food or any gastric food i am unable to control my stomach burning pain at that situation i just take one scoop of Gastro cool Antacid syrup with in a span of time i got relaxation. Thanks to Gastro Cool Syrup.